How to distinguish between hand-made carpets and machine-made carpets

Here are some steps to distinguish between hand-made carpets and machine-made carpets

First, look at the back of the carpet. The back of the hand-woven rug can clearly see the weaving buckles, which are not visible on the machine-woven carpet.

Second, look at the pattern of the carpet. The pattern of the hand-made carpet is more complicated than the woven carpet, but since the hand-made carpet is a craft, it is a man-made thing, so you can’t see the exact same pattern on the carpet pattern, there will always be some subtle mistakes. In addition, the lines are not so stiff. However, the machine-made carpet has a simple and uniform pattern and a stiff line.

Third, look at the color of the carpet. Hand-made carpets are more colorful than machine-made carpets. There are no more than 8 kinds of machine-made carpets, but more than a dozen colors can be found on hand-made carpets. In the same blue color, blues of different color differences will be seen on the hand-made carpet.

Fourth, touch the carpet. The three-dimensional sense of the machine-made carpet pattern is made by the machine, and the unevenness of the texture is obvious. The three-dimensional feeling of the hand-made carpet pattern is formed by the color transition and the complicated weave, not by the machine trimming, so the blanket The surface is flat and has no unevenness.

After reading the above introduction, I believe that you already know how to distinguish between hand-made carpets and machine-made carpets. Machine-made carpets and hand-made carpets are sold in the market. When you choose, you can choose the right one according to your preferences and economic ability. In short, before you purchase it, take time to make true and false identification.

This method is equally applicable to most woven products.

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