How To Clean The Carpets / Rugs?

clean carpet

Many homes have carpet, but carpet is easy to attract dust, stains and animal hair and mold. And it is not easy to clean, so many of them either don’t wash it or put it away. Today, we mainly talk about keeping the carpet clean, removing the smell from the carpet, and cleaning the carpet in depth!

(1) keep the carpet clean

1. Vacuum regularly

Invest in an excellent vacuum cleaner to suck dust from the depths of the carpet fibers, especially if your carpet is fluffy or has pets.

Vacuum several times a week. If you have a pet, you may need to vacuum every day.
Don’t rush to complete the vacuuming process. Even high-powered vacuum cleaners take time to absorb dust, dirt, and hair at the bottom of the carpet fibers. Keep the vacuum cleaner on the carpet for more than one time to ensure thorough cleaning.

2. Protect the carpet’s stomping area

If your carpet extends to the front door, the area where the kitchen or other areas often need to be stepped on, consider using a small piece of rugs or a plastic protective pad mat to protect these areas. This way you don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner every day to remove large pieces of dirt and grassroots.

The plastic carpet protector has the added benefit of allowing the carpet to be seen through the clear plastic. This is an inconspicuous way to protect your carpet from dust.

The benefit of a plastic carpet pad is that the carpet can be seen through the clear plastic. This method can protect your carpet from dust.

Use corridor carpets in the corridors because there are more people walking in the corridors.

3. Clean up spilled stains immediately

Letting the stain sink into your carpet and drying it will make it harder to clean. If you deal with it immediately after an accident, you will save a lot of time.

Use a clean cloth or paper napkin to absorb the spill, then sprinkle the baking powder in the dirty area for 15 minutes. When the spill is completely dry, clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
If you are spilling alcohol or other colored liquid, add a little soda before sprinkling the baking powder.

4. Learn the right way to remove old stains

Sometimes it is impossible to remove the stain immediately. If you are facing old wine or coffee stains, don’t worry. Many carpets are pretreated with anti-stick chemicals, so stains are usually not difficult to remove. Spray the turbid area with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and wipe with a cloth. For deeper stains, use vinegar or carpet cleaner to soak the stains, sprinkle the baking powder, and when the baking powder is dry, clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Don’t try to wash the stain off the carpet. Washing can damage the fibers, making the stained area look worse.
Do not soak the dirty area with too much vinegar, water or other liquids. If it penetrates the carpet too deeply, it may cause mold growth.
The combination of lemon and salt can effectively clean the carpet with a lighter stain. Focus on areas where you need to be careful to ensure that your carpet is not stained in different colors.

(2) Remove the smell in the carpet

1. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Thoroughly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to prepare for the removal of the odor. If your carpet has a lot of dust, first clean it with a broom, raise the fiber, let the dust loose, and then suck it again with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Making smell removal mixture

Mix the following materials into a bowl:
a. Cup borax
b. 2 cups of oatmeal
c. 1/2 cup baking powder

3. Clean up the smelling area with vinegar and water

Fill half of the vinegar, half of the water in the spray, and spray it where it needs to be treated. Make sure you don’t get completely wet with the liquid because you don’t want the water that cannot evaporate to cause mold growth.

4. Sprinkle the removal mixture into the carpet

Spray the carpet evenly and concentrate on a more dirty or stinky place. Leave the room and let the mixture rest on the carpet for an hour.

Keep children and pets out of the room while the mixture is resting on the carpet.
Do not use the powder that can be handled by your vacuum cleaner. Gently spraying is sufficient to remove odors and mild stains.

5. Clean again with a vacuum cleaner

Clean the oatmeal mixture by using a vacuum cleaner several times on the carpet. When you are done, throw away the vacuum bag.

(3) Deep cleaning carpet

1. Buy or rent a carpet cleaner

The deepest stains and the most stubborn odors can be removed by a carpet cleaner that uses hot water and a chemical cleaner to clean the fibers on the carpet.

a. Carpet cleaners can be rented in community stores, Wal-Mart and especially vacuumed shops or carpet stores.
b. The carpet cleaner is provided with a cleaning detergent and a stain removing treatment agent.
c. The key is to know which type of carpet you have before renting the machine so that you can be sure you are using the right detergent.
d. You may also want to ask an expert to come to your house and use a cleaner to help you clean the carpet.

2. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Before you start deep cleaning, make sure the carpet is completely free of loose dust and dirt. Before using the vacuum cleaner, first, sweep the dirtiest part of the carpet and remove the dirt.

3. Pretreatment stain area

Most carpet cleaners are supplied with detergent and are intended for use in stained areas before the deep cleaning. If there is no stain to remove the detergent, spray the dirty area with vinegar.

4. Add water and detergent to the machine

Follow the instructions included with the machine and add the appropriate amount of hot water and carpet cleaner.

a. In some cases, water and detergent are placed in separate containers; as indicated, the container is removed and water and detergent are added.
b. Before proceeding, make sure the container can be loaded into the machine.

5. Plugin the power of the machine and clean your carpet

Slowly use the machine on the carpet to ensure that every inch is covered. When the machine is working properly, on some machine models you will see dirty water droplets in a container.

If the machine runs out of water or detergent, turn off the machine and unplug the power. Discard the turbid solution, rinse the container, and then add clean hot water and detergent.

6. Dry the carpet

After a few hours, it should look and smell like new.

Please share with your family or friend if you think our method can help you. And welcome to ask us if any question about carpets.

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