Will Wool Rugs Stop Shedding

Will Wool Rugs Stop Shedding

For wool rugs stop shedding, we need to know the Causes and solutions.

 First, we need to know the causes:

  1. In the production of wool rugs, during the cutting process, part of the scattered wool fibers will be scattered on the rug. Although they are processed by the vacuum cleaner, there will still be some fragments of wool, so in the future use process, It will be exposed on the rug surface by external friction.
  2. Because wool is a natural fiber, rugs are usually stretched with a length of 2 to 5 in. (5 to 13 cm), which is made by the woolen process; when the yarn is cut by scissors, the flat rug cuts the surface of the rug. To make the rug height higher than the length of the fiber on the rug surface, which also caused the hidden danger of shedding in the future rug.
  3. After the finished carpet is finished, the wool fibers in the yarn are not fixed strongly in the rug. Although they are processed by the vacuum cleaner, there are still some scattered wool fibers. During the use process, the fibers are pulled and frictional. Take out the yarn and scatter it on the rug surface to form floating hair.
  4. After the rug is used for a period of time, the surface twist of the yarn is further reduced, so that the yarn fixed in part by friction is taken out by external force, and a small amount of wool appears.
  5. Of course, another reason is that the yarn fibers are short and the strength is poor.

Second, Solution for Wool Rugs Shedding:

  1. If the pile height does not change, you need to increase the pile weight; or decrease the pile height.
  2. When making a rug, increase the density of the surface of the rug.
  3. It can also be changed in terms of yarns, such as using synthetic or worsted yarns in blended yarns. The chemical fiber in the blended yarn can increase the strength of the entire yarn; the worsted yarn can not only increase the overall strength but also increase the friction between the fibers.
  4. There is also a protective agent to prevent shedding, which can basically get rid of the trouble of cleaning and returning wool every day, but the side effect of this method is to affect the softness of the wool rug.

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