How To Wash Handmade Carpet

Many friends will have a question, if I purchase a handmade carpet, then how to wash handmade carpet?

Today Warmly Home will give some advice:

  1. Do not wash by yourself

The number one rule for cleaning silk carpets is not to do it yourself! If the carpet needs to be cleaned in a large area, you should never use your subjective initiative to do DIY washing, because the entire carpet is very professional, you need professional detergents, you also need some equipment, and you need to soak the carpet on the site Brush the carpet, dry the carpet, etc. At the same time, in view of the particularity of the silk material, it is very high for everyone to wash the carpet by themselves, such as discoloration and tattering.

We often see some tips that sell silk carpets and will tell you how to clean the tips, but no matter how many tips, please keep in mind the first principle, do not wash by yourself!

2. Use a neutral cleaning agent

During the use of silk carpets, small stains are inevitable. For these stains, you can try to clean them up. But pay attention to the following points:

First, clean the carpet surface with a vacuum cleaner before handling the stains. Be careful not to suck blanket spikes. Even with professional carpet cleaning, the first step is dust removal.

Second, silk is a protein fiber, which is not resistant to alkali. Remember to use a neutral detergent to clean up the stains. You can buy carpet detergents on Taobao yourself, but not all carpet detergents are neutral. You must consult the merchant before buying if the detergent can wash silk carpets.

If the materials are collected locally, the laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid at home are neutral detergents, and for small stains, they can be used. You can mix laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid with a little water, pour it into a watering can, spray an appropriate amount evenly on the stain, and let it stand for a few minutes.

Third, wipe the stain with a clean, dry, lint-free towel. Towels must not be too wet. The standard is that the water cannot be squeezed out, but the towel itself should not have too much moisture. Try to be a quick-drying towel. Because if you DIY at home, it is easy to control the amount of laundry detergent. If you use a towel that is too wet to handle it, it will form too much foam, but it will not be easy to handle. In addition, the towels must not be listed, otherwise, the stains have not been cleaned, and a layer of hair has been stained, and they must be treated again.

When buying a silk carpet, everyone will find that when you look at the carpet at different angles, different colors will appear. We call it the bright side and the dark side. The reason for this phenomenon is to cut the silk thread during the knotting process. And hit the knots from top to bottom to make it strong, so that the pile on the carpet surface will fall in one direction, forming the effect of bright and dark sides.

Therefore, when wiping the stains, be sure to wipe in the direction of the carpet fluff, rub it once, lift your hand, and then wipe it from the original place. Do not rub it back and fold it back. If you rub it back and forth, the direction of the pile on the carpet will be inconsistent, the stains will not be easy to clean, and the carpet will not be beautiful. Generally speaking, wipe the stain from the bright side to the dark side. The intensity of wiping should be felt by yourself, not too hard to prevent damage to the carpet surface.

Fourth, after wiping, a completely dry towel must be prepared to absorb the moisture after the stain is treated, so that the carpet surface is dried as soon as possible.

Fifth, after the stain treatment, is finished, the stained part of the carpet surface can be cleaned again with a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining fine dust.

3. Daily maintenance

The process of silk carpet is hand-knotted, so it is more durable. We often tell customers that it will not be a problem for 50 years, but in fact, if the daily maintenance is proper, it will be no problem for 100 years. The so-called antique blanket, which also has a life span of more than 100 years, is called an antique blanket.

First, pleats. We ship to customers. If the size of the carpet is larger, it will be folded up. Sending it like this will cause the rug surface to look wrinkled and very unsightly. Some customers, including some foreigners, are very dissatisfied, saying that there is a problem with our product quality.

Note: Pleats are not a quality issue! The folds will disappear over time. After receiving the blanket, if you are not in a hurry, you can roll it up and leave it for one day. The folds will disappear the next day and you can put it on. If you are in a hurry, you can use an electric iron or a hanging iron to iron the blanket surface, the folds will be gone, and you can shop again after ironing. Of course, there is no problem with direct laying. The folds will disappear by themselves after a long time.

Second, step on it casually. Some people say that silk rugs should not be placed in a place where there is too much traffic in the family, and they are afraid of stepping on them. Such a view is not agreeable. The silk rug is not afraid of stepping on it. Everyone can use it casually, and it can be placed anywhere in the house. The only reason to be afraid of stepping on it is that silk carpets are expensive, and some friends may feel that it is a pity to step on them. However, the carpet itself is used to step on it, and this idea is not necessary.

If you buy silk rugs at home but are afraid of stepping on them, you may encourage your family and visiting friends to take off your shoes and put on a blanket. This not only prevents the carpet from being stepped on but also truly feels the extraordinary touch of the silk carpet, which is also very good!

Third, not afraid of insects. Everyone knows that silk is protein fiber and edible fiber. It is true that insects like to eat. However, as long as the silk carpet is used daily at home, it will not be wormy, because the carpet is spread out and the home is ventilated. The worms do not like this growth environment and are 100% wormless.

Some friends are afraid of mites, and silk is exactly anti-mite. Because silk fiber has two layers, the inner layer is silk fibroin, and the composition is natural animal protein. The outer layer is sericin, which has the effect of protecting silk fibroin from being attacked by microorganisms. Therefore, compared with carpets made of other natural materials, silk can prevent mites from breeding more.

Fourth, change direction. Generally speaking, during the use of silk carpets, it is necessary to change the direction of the carpets after a period of time, because we will have a habitually stepping area when walking at home, so after using the carpets for a period of time, it is usually recommended to use it for half a year. Change the direction to make the fluff force uniform and prolong the service life of the carpet.

Fifth, vacuum. You can usually use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet surface and try to suck in the direction of the fluff, but do not suck the carpet spikes. We usually suck it before shipment, not for dust removal, but because there are too many carpets in the showroom, and there will be scattered fine hair on the carpet surface.

4. Conclusion

Therefore, you do n’t have to worry about cleaning when buying silk carpets. This is a trivial matter. The important thing is that silk carpets are natural and environmentally friendly, with no glue and no formaldehyde. It is definitely the first choice for families with children and elderly people. Don’t miss such a good handmade carpet because of the anxiety of cleaning problems!

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